WIP Wednesday


Unsurprisingly it turns out that school holidays are not conducive to a daily blogging challenge, a fact I had not considered when I started the A to Z Challenge! WIP Wednesday is here already, so I’m going to combine the two and cheat a little with the A to Z by condensing. Without further ado:

F is for…Fledgling crochet designer. Gawd, it took guts to write that! It’s what I really want to do – design and share my own crochet patterns. Thus far, only a mini jar cover and several relatively simple blankets have come out of my very own head, but I have a ton of ideas percolating. All I want to to is create with my hook. And so, I shall!

G is for…Goals. I’m going to blog and crochet intensively for the next twelve months without guilt, fear or shame. This means writing a weekly post (at least), and crocheting every day with intention. It also means immersing myself in all things crochet, including Ravelry, Instagram, and other crochet blogs. Giving myself daily permission to do the things that bring me joy is a huge deal for me, and fixing an end point makes it easier for me to allow myself this focus. At the end of the twelve months, I’ll see where I’m at.

H is for…Honing my craft. I’m constantly challenging myself to learn new crochet skills. Some days a simple, traditional granny square meets all my needs and limitations with regard to, well, real life not including crochet! (How dare it intrude, right?!) But I’m always learning new things too – I cannot bring my designs to life if I don’t have the skill set I need to turn my sketches into reality.

I is for…Instagram. I’ve been on Instagram for about two years, irregularly posting pictures of my crochet mostly, and sometimes my garden or something running related. It’s only in the last month or so, however, that I’ve really got into it as a tool for sharing my crochet and meeting other people in the crochet world. In all honesty it took me a while to figure out how to make it work for me. And I LOVE it!! I am so wildly inspired every day by the amazing crochet art out there.

J is for…Joy. Creating, in the form of crochet, brings me joy, pure and simple. I derive so much pleasure from the process, as much as the end result. Simple stitches and patterns soothe me; complexity challenges and satisfies me. I just love to hook!

Which brings me neatly round to the WIP of the Wednesday! It’s school holidays as I mentioned, and that means something simple that I can just pick up as and when, no complex pattern, no thought required, just rounds of happy yarn to give me my crochet fix as I move through the holiday crazy. A blanket for my six year old’s bed, pictured above. Not my usual colours, I don’t tend to go for much white, but I was stash-busting when I started and as it grew, I realised what it should be. Of course I then had to buy more white yarn –  oops massive stash-busting fail! But of course, I can live with that 🙂

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