Old-fashioned, Preschool, Quiet, Running

Once again attempting to catch up with the A to Z Challenge during school holidays!

O is for…Old-fashioned. Most people seem to hold the view that crochet is a very old-fashioned pursuit, the domain only of elderly ladies making doilies, and baby blankets in pastels that hark back to a bygone era. Indeed, when I started hooking two years ago, my husband declared in horror, “You remind me of my Oma!!” Please note, I have all respect for the Grandmas and their work! However, it is a reflection of only one part of the crochet world. Modern crochet is amaaaaaaazing and there are hookers of every age hooking everything imaginable, from bright baby clothes, homewares and children’s toys to fashionable adult clothing and vibrant, quirky street art. Old-fashioned, it is not. Crochet rocks!

P is for…Preschool. My youngest daughter turns five in November, so this is her last year of preschool. She attended four days a week during school hours in Term 1, but we’ve made the decision to cut back to two days going forward. Now that my mental health is so great, I really no longer ‘need’ those extra days. It’s a huge deal for me to come to a decision like this – I’d never have imagined it possible not so long ago! Plus, I am increasingly aware of how quickly time is rushing by. She will be at school before I know it, and I want to make the most of the time that’s left. Doubtless there will be days when I regret my decision! However, I know I will have no regrets come next year. A pleasant side-effect is that it halves the fees. Yaaaaaaaarn! Nuff said 😁

Q is for…Quiet. It took me decades to realise that I’m an introvert. Pushing myself into an extrovert box caused me great anxiety in hindsight. Now I’m comfortable with the fact that I find too many people over too much time in one go overwhelming. I know it about myself, I recognise the effects, and I actively seek my quiet to counteract them. I am a sociable, bubbly, friendly person, but I do relish and require my time alone. Having small children, and no extended family support (we are relatively recent immigrants), time alone is pretty hard to come by, especially in school holidays! We’re past the midpoint now and yesterday morning I was feeling increasingly cranky and quickly identified the reason why. Luckily my husband has some time off this week, and I was able to jump in the car and drive to town for an impromptu haircut, a mini-massage, hot chocolate in a cafΓ© and some yarn shopping – blissfully alone, all quiet inside my head. This introvert is now recharded and ready for a fun family day out today 😊

R is for…Running. A huge part of my life and worthy of a whole other post. In fact, I’m going for a run now. More on this at a later date!

4 thoughts on “Old-fashioned, Preschool, Quiet, Running

  1. Claire says:

    Yay for “quiet”…it seems like the world is made for extroverts sometimes, but I think there’s a lot of value in being an introvert! Too many people is quite overwhelming – I, too, like recharging without mobs of people around. πŸ™‚

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  2. eucalypttree says:

    I too always thought of myself as an extrovert! I fell deeply last year with severe anxiety having been dealing with it for years without even realising I suffered from it. After much discussion with myself I too have realised I’m actually quite the introvert. I feel so much more at peace with the world and myself after this discovery. I still like to socialise and mix with groups of people, but oh how I love my own little quiet time with myself!

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    • Pam @ Hooks and Hills says:

      I could have written this myself! I’m 43 in June and I only understood a lifetime of anxiety a couple of years ago. I had no idea! So much started to fall into place. Then I learned about introverts and it was all so me! I’ve gradually found my peace through this knowledge. Even just yesterday, I had a social event with acquaintances, not close friends, and I could feel myself getting wound up about it. But now I can name it and understand and accept my response, it makes such a huge positive difference πŸ™‚ Wish you continuing peace and wellness x

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  3. Joanna Lynn says:

    It’s so good you have an outlet like running to get away and think (as well as take care of yourself). I’ll bet that haircut, massage and hot chocolate felt divine!


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