Crochet Learning Curve

It seems to me that crochet will always be a learning curve. How marvellous! Always new stitches and techniques to discover, and inspiration everywhere requiring new skills…I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – crochet is amaaaaaaazing! The possibilities are endless, the opportunities for creativity without limit!

However, sometimes I learn things that are more to do with avoiding unnecessary blunders – mistakes or omissions I’ve made that waste time and / or yarn, and make me swear. Today, more than one ‘notes to self’…

Firstly, keep a notebook. Date and name each wip, including yarn using and hook size. I always have multiple wips, and today I returned to an old one and when I finally located the book with the pattern, and set about hooking, I realised I’d neglected to clarify which language it was in and mixed UK and US terms. Consequently, my mandala (pictured; pattern from the gorgeous ‘Mandalas to Crochet’ by Haafner Linssen) refused to lie flat. Snip-frog-grrrrr-frog! I learned to crochet in US terms but follow patterns in either. With many wips on the go, it’s easy to get mixed up.  From now on, I’ll be writing US or UK in my notebook every time. In big letters!

Secondly, keep tools in order! All my hooks lie jumbled in the bottom of a small sewing box or wherever I happen to put them down. I have a few of most sizes, but my very favourite are my Clover Amours, of which I have just four, and covet more. It took me at least ten minutes to locate my 4mm this afternoon (in use for multiple wips) – so frustrating when time is especially precious in the school holidays! I looked in various baskets and shelves and eventually found it in the bottom of the sewing box, which is where I’d looked in the first place but of course, so messy I missed it. I’ll be sorting all that out this evening, along with said baskets and shelves in my crochet corner!

Lastly (for now – like I said, always learning!), read the pattern through until the end before beginning, or at very least check if there is a list of Special Stitches. I was so happy to reach the final round of my mandala today, only to discover it was crab stitch, unknown to me. Forewarned is forarmed! With the help of a Moogly video clip (always my go-to) I am once again making progress, however, and hope to turn this wip into a FO by day’s end πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Crochet Learning Curve

  1. Nicola says:

    This is why I’m on Ravelry ( Each time I start a new project, I create a project page in my Ravelry notebook. It records yarn, hook/needle size, link to the pattern, notes, when I started and finished, and photos. if you’re not on Ravelry yet, go check it out. It’s amazing (and free).

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    • Pam @ Hooks and Hills says:

      Thanks I just joined this month πŸ™‚
      Loving it more with each passing week! But I still need my notebook for marking off rows / rounds ( I found the ravelry counter too much effort) so all in one place in my wip notebook works best for me. For now anyway! Perhaps as I get more into it I’ll change my mind and move away from paper altogether (although that said I am also addicted to buying notebooks lol). I’ve joined a few ravelry groups and finding my way around – I already know I’m going to be in there a *lot* πŸ™‚ Have you been a member long?


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