Wip Wednesday – Sophie’s Garden

This week I’ve both started and finished (!?) a project – an infinity scarf in Caron Cakes which I’m delighted with, and will share later in the week. I also decided to increase the size of my block blanket, so that’s going to be a wip into next week now. I promised myself I wouldn’t start anything else major until the blanket was finished. However! I just couldn’t wait any longer to begin Sophie’s Garden!

Sophie’s Garden became Sophie’s Universe, which I now know without doubt will be my next big project because I’m just loving hooking this!! I’ll be working the Universe in dk – I’m currently eagerly and most impatiently awaiting my first delivery of Stylecraft Special DK!! – but my Garden is in fingering (Moda Vera Gelato and Patons Regal 4ply Cotton) with a 3mm hook.

It is such a beautiful, clever and intricate pattern, with the most amazingly detailed, helpful instructions. I am in awe of the amount of effort and loving care that clearly went into its creation. Concentration and focus is required and it’s not something that can be done when I’m tired or in the company of small children – a little limiting given I’m a stay at home mum to a preschooler plus one school age! But I’ve found my Sophie window in the hour after my daughters go to bed, and I will patiently hook (and frog haha) a little Sophie love each and every evening, for as long as it happily takes โ˜บ

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