Crochet is my Meditation 

After about six months of intensively using traditonal meditation techniques to build my confidence in my increasing mental wellness (I have a history of anxiety and both Postnatal and Clinical depression), I now find that crochet has become my meditation of choice.

I’ve long been aware of the therapeutic benefits of crochet, and it has been a vital part of my wellness toolbox ever since I learned to hook a couple of years ago, but I was very focussed on learning and healing through (primarily guided) meditation (via Insight Timer). I learned so much during those months, and benefitted enormously both from my practice itself and from the knowledge and skills gleaned during the process. I have a heightened sense of perspective and calm in my daily life that enabled me to successfully wean off my antidepressants back in February and which serves me so well today. 

However, gradually and unintentionally my more formal meditation habits have fallen by the wayside. At first this concerned me – could I manage without? Would my mental health deteriorate again? Should I force myself to do something that I just wasn’t ‘feeling’ any more? – but now I see that my mind remains balanced and healthy; there is no cause for concern. The time has simply come for change, as it always does, and I welcome that. 

I now enjoy my time before sleep lost in a novel – I’ve missed that so much, unable to stay awake long enough to both read and meditate. And I still do meditate, just in a different way. 

I meditate on the veranda in the beautiful Autumn sunshine, with my crochet in my hands. I listen to the birds and rhythm of my hook. My mind is soothed and still. I am calm, grateful and sometimes even joyful. It works for me, so very well. 

Crochet is my meditation 💜 🙂

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