Green Tea and Simple Joys

I used to guzzle coffee and hurtle headlong through my days as a stay at home mum, checking things off my list, always thinking ahead to completing the next task or anticipating the next family need. 

Thankfully, I’ve learned not too late in the game that slower is better, and it all still gets done anyway. That, and you have to fill your own cup too, and regularly, or everything will go tits up pretty darn fast – I learned that the hard way! My crochet is me filling my cup. It’s my creative expression in the midst of the madness that is daily life with two beautiful, bonkers little girls. It’s also my therapy, my meditation, my happy place. 

Today I took a break from my Willow squares. I’m in the process of making a few, not unpleasant, but important decisions. I also needed to internally deal with an uncomfortable social interaction that had brought to mind past upsets,  and triggered symptoms of anxiety, including some lost sleep last night. I needed something mindless in a positive sense, good for outside and also for a bit of Netflix chill time. I guess you could say, I needed to adjust my medication slightly? 😁 So, I brought out the two Caron Cakes I found the other day that I’d forgotten I’d bought – I know, evidence of addictive behaviour! I’m sure I’m not alone in my ‘issues’ with yarn πŸ˜‚ – and started a simple bag I found via Instagram. All dc (US). No changing colours. Just some simple, soothing fun – I adore waiting for cake colour changes! Call me crazy, but to me it’s a perfect simple joy each time a new one unfurls.

So, the afternoon is drawing to a close and I’m sitting quietly with a big cup of green tea before the school run and afternoon crazy. Time for another couple of rounds (floor can wait just one more day, right!). Any lingering anxiety and disquiet have evaporated. Good decisions have been reached. Equilibrium is restored. It’s been a slow and simple afternoon’s hooking. Sometimes, that’s the perfect answer, whatever the question may be πŸ’œ πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Green Tea and Simple Joys

  1. Crochet and the Cat says:

    I also find that crochet is great for ‘switching off’, both when it’s a simple project that you can do without having to concentrate too much on a pattern and also when it is a complicated one and you have to give it your total concentration and can’t let your mind wander to other things. Totally agree with you on waiting for the colour changes, I love seeing what comes next and I love even more when I don’t have to sew in any ends! πŸ™‚

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  2. Tami says:

    Thank you Pam!! This post just reminded me that I have 3 cakes of that same color that I bought a few months ago!!!! Hmmm do I have a problem? Nah…. it’s the rest of the world that has the problems. πŸ˜€

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