Hills and Hooks

When not crocheting, I like to spend my free time running up and down the hills to which my blog title refers πŸ™‚ At the moment I’m training for my third half marathon (21k), in September – it’s becoming an annual challenge. Sundays I do my long runs, and now in week five of my training program, the long runs are getting longer – yesterday, 18k. It hurt, and I’m tired today, I can tell ya! However, mentally I feel fabulous and I absolutely relish the challenges I will face in the coming weeks. Here’s a little collage from yesterday. I’m blessed to live in a beautiful part of the world – country New South Wales. Whatever is going on in my life, pounding these country roads and testing my physical limits puts everything in perspective, and I always return home feeling empowered and positive.

And here’s a little collage of my June hooking – I love reflecting on what I’ve learned and created at the end of each month πŸ™‚

I have a history of severe depression, and ongoing anxiety issues. Crochet and running are now my chosen forms of therapy and I feel so lucky to have them both in my life! They each heal and support me in different ways and I am beyond grateful that I can so easily reach for my hooks and hills whenever I need them – and also just for fun πŸ™‚ 

10 thoughts on “Hills and Hooks

  1. eucalypttree says:

    That’s an impressive amount of running! I would love to be a runner, but my knees just wouldn’t hold up! You have made great choices with the crochet and running as your therapy. Good luck with your training!

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    • Pam @hooksandhills says:

      Thank you ☺ It’s not going great right now but I remain positive and determined! My knees are not great either but I’ve found yoga prevents injury (thus far this year oops touch wood better not tempt fate! 😁)

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