A Beautiful Day to Go Yarnbombing!

Yesterday was a perfect winter’s day – blue skies and sunshine, and warm enough not to need a sweater. Wonderful yarnbombing weather! I drove over to the next village in the morning and met up with one of my girlfriends and a bunch of other women from our valley. The event was organised by the local healthfood store in conjunction with Council, and is part of a wider initiative to bring more visitors to the area. My own personal motivation is just to make people smile 😊

Some people had brought prepared pieces like me, others were knitting in the street, and there were even lots of children making pom poms! It was just great. So much fun!

I crocheted my freeform / patchwork piece to one tree, and on another I hooked on an abandoned temperature blanket I started last year, a lovely long bright granny stripe that went lengthways up a whole trunk. Lots of people stopped to chat – there was such a good vibe from passersby!

Here are some of the other trees. Aren’t they fabulous?

Are you a yarnbomber? This is just my second time. It won’t be the last πŸ˜ƒ

16 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day to Go Yarnbombing!

    • Pam @hooksandhills says:

      Hi Hannah, just go for it – a little something on a bench in the Botanics? I just found you’re in Glasgow πŸ™‚ I went to Glasgow Uni, and worked at IBM in Greenock for almost 10 years after that too, commuting from the city. Love the West End. So many happy memories!! Not been back in 8 years now. I am so happy here in Australia, but I miss streets that are my own sometimes. Go bomb for me and take a pic? Please? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ X


    • Pam @hooksandhills says:

      Yeah it was a nice community event. I did one last year under cover of darkness in the town centre with some girlfriends, that was hysterical fun, must repeat πŸ˜€ I am very lucky in that almost of my close friends are crafty. I would never have picked up a hook were it not for the women in the mother’s group I joined when my eldest daughter was a baby who got me into sewing. The sewing machine proved an impractical hazard with small children though, whereas crochet works brilliantly – so easy to pick up and put down, and no lethal rotary cutters etc πŸ˜€

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  1. jo creates says:

    Great work! It looks so beautiful!!
    There was some yarn-bombing in my home-town at an art festival a few weeks ago, If I’d known about it in advance I’d have had a go myself!!


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