Crochet Gnome – I finished something! 

For what feels like first time in yonks I have something to share for FO Friday, woot! He is only little but here is my friendly gnome.

I am new to amigurumi, and after a whole day working him, truth be told he didn’t even look like a gnome to me by the end! However, the next day I liked him much better – some time apart did us good haha.

The pattern is from a cute book called Crochet Your Christmas Baubles, which just arrived last week. Mr Gnome is worked in the (recommended) Stylecaft Special DK. Some of the other patterns recommend DMC Natura Just Cotton, so I’ve ordered (from Love Crochet – 15% off voucher here if you’d like one!) plenty of Christmassy colours for the Santa, elf and reindeer included in the 25 patterns. I’m working on an owl from the same book at the moment. There’s also a cute fairy and a couple of Elsa-type projects (hello fellow mums of Frozen fans!) so the book goes beyond just Christmas, which is added value I reckon. I am managing the patterns fine as a newbie to amigurumi and there are some helpful little notes at the back, too. The patterns are sorted into themes: Santa’s Grotto, Frozen Winter Wonderland, Fairy Tale, Scandinavian Style and White Christmas – definitely something to suit all tastes!

In other news, while looking for black acrylic dk for owl eyes in my stash, I found some variegated cotton worsted. I immediately forgot all about the eyes and accidentally started making a bag – oops! Yes, my motto is, You Can Never Have Too Many Wips (or bags) 😂

Unfortunately now I’ve started working up the sides, I’m just not feeling the way the variegated is working up. So I’ve added some solid stripes but I’m still a bit meh about it…can’t decide what to do! It’s just not to my taste – but it would still probably make  nice library / treasure bag for one of my daughters. Hmmm…

If you’re not loving a project, do you quit or do you see it through?

And are you crocheting for Christmas yet?? 😀

18 thoughts on “Crochet Gnome – I finished something! 

  1. filliefanatic says:

    I love that the moustache on the gnome is so adorable! It depends on the project as to whether I stop or persevere, although usually if it’s large I chicken out. The colours in the variegated yarn are lovely, too. 😊

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    • Pam @hooksandhills says:

      Oh thanks – the moustache was a bit of a pain haha but interesting learning how to do it. You basically just take strands of dk and hook them though like you would to make tassles. Then you unwind the plys and separate them, then brush with a hairbrush and trim. I do like the effect!
      I am still not mad keen on those variegated colours, just posted about that again, but I have kept going with the bag. As you say, size is a consideration – if it was huge I would have stopped for sure, but it’s not a big project and I’ve been finding its simplicity perfect for soothing evening crochet. We shall see how it turns out, I figure will make a good book bag if not something I’ll want to use every day. All will not be lost 🙂

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  2. Moingfinne says:

    The gnome is so cute! I like the way your yarn is pooling.
    I started making a mermaid tail for my granddaughter for Christmas. Once that is done my plans are two snuggle sacks for the grandsons. I started early this year, because last year I was up late the night before I had to mail stuff out finishing hats. Less stress this year, hopefully!

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    • Pam @hooksandhills says:

      Oh I must make mermaid tails for my girls!! I have said this the last 2 winters and now we are heading into Spring (Summer christmas here, which I still find weird as a Scottish immigrant even though this will be our 9th!) so really it’s too late now the weather is getting warmer. On my priority list for next autumn / winter though! Snuggle sacks sound lovely. I think starting early is best, nobody wants stressful hooking right 🙂

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    • Pam @hooksandhills says:

      I don’t think it’s yarn I want to rescue anyway Yolanda – if it was really nice yarn I’d probably have frogged it for something else as you say though. It’s been in my stash for a long time – one of those impulse purchases from a bargain shelf – I’ve almost trained myself not to do that any more lol. I just posted about it today – I’ve kept going, so we’ll see 🙂

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