Wip Wednesday – a List as Long as Yer Arm! 

So many wips, so little time! However, I remind myself that it’s not a race; it’s all good – just gotta prioritise sometimes. So, instead of digging into some Lincraft Cakes (because you can never ever ever have too many wips, not really!) today I returned to the Willow baby blanket I started at the end of June. It’s very close to completion now and I hope to be able to post it off to a special someone very soon 💙

Last post I mentioned I started a bag which I’d gone right off as the variegated cotton worked up. I was so undecided about whether or not to stick with it but in the event, I did. Perhaps partly because I’ve not had a lot of crochet time during the day recently and the bag, worked in a simple single crochet (US) spiral was the easiest thing to pick up of a sleepy evening to get my fix! I don’t have a more recent pic, but I’ve added a lot more rounds of solids, and I’m up to the handles now – and still a bit hopeful it’ll turn out reasonably well. We shall see!

Right now, I’m going to reply to your lovely comments of the past week, and then join a few more squares. Here’s to getting stuck into the border tomorrow – love that bit!

Until next time – happy hooking!

9 thoughts on “Wip Wednesday – a List as Long as Yer Arm! 

  1. juliascreativeyear says:

    I like the colours in your bag… They’re very funky. Hope you are pleased with it when it’s finished. Nice job on progressing with current wips. I have a feeling I may be frogging mine and starting again with a bigger hook, but i shall post about that sometime soon!


      • juliascreativeyear says:

        Gosh no… Not the shawl! I started a corner to corner blanket that I haven’t blogged about yet. It feels a bit tight and rough so I’m wondering about trying with a bigger hook. I’ll try from a different ball of the same wool and then continue with the one that works best and frog the other.

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