Sophie’s Universe Refriended

Is ‘to refriend’ actually a verb? I fear not. Well not to my generation anyway! However, that’s what’s happened in recent weeks ๐Ÿ˜Š After three months in a box, I managed to get my Sophie back on. Hurrah! I don’t think it’s unusual to suffer some kind of a mental block with this one. She truly is a labour of love! Here she is, grown from Part 6 to Part 7. I am now well in to Part 8. Will share update again soon…

I’ve had a bit of writer’s block going on too recently – just not feeling a posting urge – yet my crojo remains happily ON so there’s quite a lot to report! But I’ll make this one short and sweet, so I can hook just a lil bit more before my daughters return from school and preschool. And do a bit of secret Christmas stuff too – I love Christmas, I didn’t until I became a mum, but now I enjoy it more with each year they grow. My youngest just turned five and my eldest is seven. Here is a rare sharing of a picture of my life outside crochet โ˜บ

Would you love to start a Sophie but feel a bit daunted by the prospect? Don’t be – the pattern instructions are amazing in their detail and Dedri writes in such a friendly and encouraging style! I have purchased the gorgeous book, but you can also find the entire pattern for free (wow!) here.

I started working on Sophie’s Universe in June of this year. Have you completed Sophie? How long did it take? 

Until next time,

Happy hooking! Pam x

12 thoughts on “Sophie’s Universe Refriended

  1. Shirley says:

    Good morning,itโ€™s early morning one of our dogs woke me up early as always,itโ€™s 4.20am here in Plymouth UK..Iโ€™m making a blanket for mine and my hubbyโ€™s bed,he suggested I do squares as I can fit them in between other things that Iโ€™m doing.. Well i thought I would do the Sophieโ€™s Garden part as itโ€™s perfect for what I wanted , I enjoyed doing it so much I thought hmm I will carry on and do the whole universe.. I have been working on and off it since August this yr ,Iโ€™m on part 13.. I agree the pattern is easy to understand and if you have problem reading patterns or canโ€™t read them there is video tutorials on YouTube ..


    • Pam @hooksandhills says:

      I’m going to add a Sophie’s Garden to a block blanket I’m doing too (actually the 2014 CAL by the same designed, Dedri Uys) – it is so lovely isn’t it ๐Ÿ™‚ I hadn’t used the vidoes until I got to the picot double crochet which bamboozled me despite the beautiful pictures – so helpful!!


      • Shirley says:

        It sure is lovely ,it was a pattern I always wanted to do .. Plus you can put it down and come back to it later ,which in my case at this time of the year is a good thing .. Having the option to have the video tutorials is great , I mainly read the patterns too.. x

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  2. juliascreativeyear says:

    I have bought the book and a set of wool for sophie but haven’t started yet… The spirits of life CAL rather took over and now Christmas gifts have taken over from that! I’ll hopefully start her sometime in the new year.
    And your skirt in that photo is absolutely beautiful (feeling covetous!!)


  3. Nicola says:

    Love your Sophie, love your photo of you and the girls (and your skirt too). I haven’t made a Sophie blanket – my most challenging one so far was Demelza. I tend to be a lazy crocheter/knitter but one day I think I will have to make a Sophie.


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