Willow Baby Boy Blanket

My last Willow blanket was for a baby girl and, loving the design, I wanted to see if I could put a little bit of a masculine twist on it and create a baby boy blanket.

To this end I chose Baby Soft Steps by Red Heart Yarns in Aqua, Grass Green and Elephant. Then, instead of a pretty scalloped edge, I chose a slightly more angular border. I’m really happy with the end result and I’m looking forward to sending it to its new home πŸ™‚

The Willow square pattern is by Jan Eaton and can be found in her book 200 Crochet Blocks. I’ve crocheted 30 unique blocks from this book, including probably 50+ Willows by now – yes that one’s my fave πŸ˜€

The border is by the fabulous Edie Eckman. It’s #25 in Around the Corner Crochet Borders, a firm favourite in my crochet library.

I have developed a bit of a thing for squares and am now getting stuck back into another afghan with about 40 blocks in total, all different. I’ll share more next time. It’s very satisfying completing a small, intricate piece of work and I think it will make an excellent Spring/Summer project with a view to joining and bordering come Autumn. 

Do you like big projects made of little pieces? 

Until next time, happy hooking! πŸ™‚

Corner to Corner Crochet

It’s Friday, and I finished a project! Woot! So glad I left my colour zone and got all impulsive in the yarn section of the dollar store. It doesn’t match anything in the house, but as I said to my husband, we can always redecorate… Anyways it’s looking all bright and buzzy on our bed right now and I love it! Took some pics outside earlier – weather is still horribly overcast, so rare for there to be so little sun and blue sky in this part of the world (subtropical), but these colours still zing and fairly cheered me up. 

I’ve had a lot of fun learning Corner to Corner Crochet, or C2C, for this project. I used this You Tube tutorial and I loved it. Crystal clear instructions from both the spoken and visual perspective, and I absolutely recommend it if you’ve never tried C2C.

Briefly, on the making of the cushion cover: for the front, I made nine Willow blocks from the fabulous 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton – of course you could use any square. I joined them using sc (US) worked from the front, then added an sc edging. For the back, I simply made a C2C square the same size as the front, allowing for an sc edging. For the edging, I worked 3 sc into each C2C block. Then I joined back and front using sc.

Tip: I struggled to determine which C2C side is right side. Let me save you the googling – C2C is fully reversible πŸ™‚ It pays to pick your sides straight up though and put a stitch marker (or paper clip, or loop of yarn) into the back of your work – makes it quick and easy to see which side to weave into (as you go, right? Right? lol).

C2C is easy to learn and opens up a wide and wonderful world of design opportunities, particularly in terms of pixel art – my head is bursting with ideas for new projects! Much to research and much fun to be had!

Do you like C2C? Have you created any pixel crochet?


I share Book Depository affiliate links for my favourite crochet books. I only recommend books that I love and have purchased myself. Please visit My Crochet Library for further info πŸ™‚

Wip Wednesday – Willow Cushion Cover

My love affair with Jan Eaton’s Willow block continues, this time in experimental (for me) colours. I recently bought these neons on impulse in a dollar store, just for fun. So chuffed I did! As I hooked, they became evocative of something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Eventually I realised that the colours were reminding me of my travels in Southeast Asia – Hindu temples, Buddhist offerings (below, Northern Thailand), Little India in different places…Happy memories of adventures and places I hope to return to one day πŸ™‚

Corner to Corner Crochet has been on my list for some time, and my current plan is to learn it by creating a C2C square for the back of this cushion cover. I will report back!

I’m so glad I opted for something different and grabbed these brights! Perfect for a wet and miserable long weekend!! Do you like hooking with neons? Do you stay in your colour comfort zones, or do you like to experiment? 


I share Book Depository affiliate links for my favourite crochet books. I only recommend books that I love and have purchased myself. Please visit My Crochet Library for further info πŸ™‚

Willow Baby Blanket

My Willow baby blanket is finished and ready to travel to its new home in Europe this week πŸ™‚ This block is from Jan Eaton’s gorgeous book, 200 Crochet Blocks. I’ve crocheted thirty of these beautiful, unique patterns so far, and Willow is my favourite; it’s just so pretty! 

After much deliberation I chose a small scallop border on an sc (US) base (*sl st, miss sc, 5hdc in next sc, miss sc* repeat), with a tiny picot in each corner, which I think is such a lovely touch. I found this edging in an article by crochet writer Kathryn Vercillo, of Crochet Concupisence. I’m sure it won’t be the last time I use it! 

Tip: I made sure to choose my border before hooking the base row. This ensures that the stitch multiple for the chosen edging is correct. It’s much easier to adjust the base row stitch count than to adjust the pattern itself to fit the base! This border has a multiple of 4+1 so I added an extra sc to each side of the base row. For an understanding of stitch multiples I highly recommend Edie Eckman’s Around the Corner Crochet Borders. I am learning so much from it πŸ™‚ 

Tip: always keep notes! I’ve made a note of my calculations for this blanket so I’ll be all set when I make another for a baby coming later this year.

I thought I’d be done with Willow squares for a while after this, but as I sat yesterday evening feeling like hooking something nice and relaxing, my thoughts turned once more to Willow – it seems this love affair is not yet over! This time, a totally different colourway though – neons! I’ll share more as my new project takes shape. Certainly I’m grateful for a pattern that’s now a familiar friend, and some lovely brights to raise my rain-dampened spirits – I hope the weather is brighter wherever you are πŸ™‚


I share Book Depository affiliate links for my favourite crochet books. I only recommend books that I love and have purchased myself. Please visit My Crochet Library for further info πŸ™‚

Finished Project Friday – Infinity Scarf & MandalaΒ 

It was Mother’s Day on Sunday and Tamara at Moogly offered a pattern discount coupon for her newsletter subscribers. I immediately went over to her Ravelry store and bought a few, including the Melting Snow Infinity Scarf. It’s a lovely repeating pattern that’s so soothing to hook once you get going. I started it that sunny Autumn afternoon and finished it the next day. It’s the perfect width to wrap around twice, and looks lovely in a single loop too.

It’s the first time I’ve used Caron Cakes and I’m really happy with the yarn. This one is Cookies & Cream and I have half a ball left (any project ideas for a half cake would be welcome!). It was fun waiting for the colours to change. I have a couple of balls of Rainbow Sprinkles too and am currently torn between hooking up a fitted, cap-sleeved shrug or a bag…oh happy decisions, decisions!

Speaking of rainbows, this week I’ve also finished another of Haafner Linssen’s patterns from her beautiful book Mandalas to Crochet, currently one of my favourite crochet books. This one is called Starry, Starry Night. 

Makes me smile to look at it πŸ™‚ I was going to get right back into finishing my block blanket today but I think I’ll be unable to resist starting another of these mandalas first – they are such a lovely crochet fix! I have put a sticky note on ‘Bewitching Basketweave’, which looks like it will be an interesting make. It has a lot of post stitches which I’m developing a real liking for through my work on Sophie’s Garden. More on that next week πŸ™‚

Unicorns & New Crochet Books

April has been a great month! I’ve wholeheartedly accepted my permission to self to crochet, crochet, crochet and it feels fabulous! I’ve even sold one of my Barbie dresses, which was not my intention but a most pleasant surprise! I’ve opened a (very casual) custom order book via my Facebook pageΒ to which I may add other items in the future (this Facebook page no longer exists but Hooks and Hills now has a Facebook group – you’re very welcome to join us!)

I haven’t been writing here as much as I’d planned, but having a young family, my time is mostly not my own, and crochet comes first when I have to choose ☺ I did want to finish the A to Z Challenge before the month is out though, so I’ve wrenched myself away from my beloved Clover Amour and settled down in my hammock on the verandah with a cup of roiboos and vanilla tea. Obviously I’m not following the post-a-day rules here but I hope I’ll be forgiven!Β 

S if for…Skills. My goal is to one day create my own crochet patterns, and to that end I’m very focussed on honing my skills in all areas. I’ve recently started studying Dora Ohrenstein’s The Crocheter’s Skill-Building Workshop –Β still in the early chapters as yet but looking forward to sharing my progress through this widely acclaimed book. There are over 70 swatch patterns included as learning tools and I can’t wait to get stuck into them!

T is for…Tunisian Crochet. I recently purchased a lovely book calledΒ 35 Crocheted Bags by Emma Friedlander-Collins. I was inspired to buy it by the gorgeous tapestry crochet bag on the front cover (pictured below). I’ve never attempted tapestry crochet, so I was delighted to find a couple of smaller such projects in this book and think they’ll be a great starting point. Hope to share my adventures in tapestry crochet soon!

U is for…Unicorns. I have to crochet one! Or two – my daughters would be so delighted, like all little girls they love them. I’ve shied away from amigurumi in the past, because I thought it was all micro-crochet – tiny hooks and thread, which my eyes would struggle with (I’m just getting used to bifocals). However, a friend recently explained to me that it’s not about size, it’s about stuffed animals and toys in general. So, I’m going to look into amigurumi soon – starting with unicorns!

It’s Sunday afternoon and time to go down to the beach with my family soon and enjoy some of this beautiful Autumn sunshine – after a little bit of crochet, of course! I’ll finish my remaining letters during the week. Until then, happy hooking!

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