Freeform Crochet – the Adventure Continues!

wp-image--1172129344I wasn’t going to write another post until I had something finished to share with you, but I have since realised that this might mean no blog until Christmas or some such, so here I am with some work in progress πŸ˜€

Last month I started experimenting with freeform crochet, or scrumbling. I completed a piece for a local yarnbombing and my interest didn’t wane so I ordered another book on the topic (any excuse to buy another crochet book!). Freeform Crochet with Confidence by Carol Meldrum is just lovely!! Areas covered include patchwork and spirals, organic patterns, openwork and lace, trims, edgings and fillers. I’ve dived straight into some spirals, offset circles and spikes, and basic organic motifs. The instructions are very clear and the reader is encouraged to use all the information as a guide from which one’s own creations can be adapted. I’ve found the section on filling in the gaps to be the most useful and interesting at the moment, and I’m having a great deal of fun patching holes in my new freeform project, using combinations of stitches worked together.


So my current active WIP is a small and entirely experimental piece – a freeform crochet pouch, to be worked onto an inner pocket from an old shoulder bag. Freeform and upcycling fun! To me, it is a bit like painting, especially as I fill the gaps with colour – it’s like making brushstrokes. Not that I paint! But you get the idea I hope πŸ™‚


Are you a fan of freeform crochet, either in your own work or pieces you’ve seen by other people? There are some wildly incredible freeform crochet artworks out there, it is quite hard not to be intimidated and just give up entirely lol. I love it all πŸ™‚

Freeform Crochet

Two years or so ago I bought a copy of Renate Kirkpatrick’s Freeform Crochet and Beyond. I was at the very beginning of my crochet journey and I think I’d read an article somewhere about freeform crochet, or ‘scrumbling’ as it is also known, that piqued my interest. It’s a fascinating book and I made a whole heap of little freeform pieces with my then very limited stitch repertoire…and then I got distracted and forgot all about them!

Until last week that is, when I was hunting out abandoned and / or unfinished pieces while putting together some work for a local yarnbombing project. Digging around in the cupboard for some craft bits for my daughters I finally found the abandoned scrumbles – I’m not sure if that’s actually a noun but I like it so I’m using it! – and set to work piecing them together. It was so much FUN – I defintely see more freeform in my future! I added some flowers and beads, just because. Here is the finished piece, pictured in our recently most glorious winter sun:

And below is my whole strip for the yarnbombing – more on that to come! Right now, however, I’ve got lots of comments to reply to – thank you so much to all of you who read my yarny ramblings. It’s especially lovely when people feel compelled to respond to my crochet and / or my musings – I really do appreciate all of your comments ☺ X