Corner to Corner Crochet

It’s Friday, and I finished a project! Woot! So glad I left my colour zone and got all impulsive in the yarn section of the dollar store. It doesn’t match anything in the house, but as I said to my husband, we can always redecorate… Anyways it’s looking all bright and buzzy on our bed right now and I love it! Took some pics outside earlier – weather is still horribly overcast, so rare for there to be so little sun and blue sky in this part of the world (subtropical), but these colours still zing and fairly cheered me up. 

I’ve had a lot of fun learning Corner to Corner Crochet, or C2C, for this project. I used this You Tube tutorial and I loved it. Crystal clear instructions from both the spoken and visual perspective, and I absolutely recommend it if you’ve never tried C2C.

Briefly, on the making of the cushion cover: for the front, I made nine Willow blocks from the fabulous 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton – of course you could use any square. I joined them using sc (US) worked from the front, then added an sc edging. For the back, I simply made a C2C square the same size as the front, allowing for an sc edging. For the edging, I worked 3 sc into each C2C block. Then I joined back and front using sc.

Tip: I struggled to determine which C2C side is right side. Let me save you the googling – C2C is fully reversible πŸ™‚ It pays to pick your sides straight up though and put a stitch marker (or paper clip, or loop of yarn) into the back of your work – makes it quick and easy to see which side to weave into (as you go, right? Right? lol).

C2C is easy to learn and opens up a wide and wonderful world of design opportunities, particularly in terms of pixel art – my head is bursting with ideas for new projects! Much to research and much fun to be had!

Do you like C2C? Have you created any pixel crochet?


I share Book Depository affiliate links for my favourite crochet books. I only recommend books that I love and have purchased myself. Please visit My Crochet Library for further info πŸ™‚

Wip Wednesday – Willow Cushion Cover

My love affair with Jan Eaton’s Willow block continues, this time in experimental (for me) colours. I recently bought these neons on impulse in a dollar store, just for fun. So chuffed I did! As I hooked, they became evocative of something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Eventually I realised that the colours were reminding me of my travels in Southeast Asia – Hindu temples, Buddhist offerings (below, Northern Thailand), Little India in different places…Happy memories of adventures and places I hope to return to one day πŸ™‚

Corner to Corner Crochet has been on my list for some time, and my current plan is to learn it by creating a C2C square for the back of this cushion cover. I will report back!

I’m so glad I opted for something different and grabbed these brights! Perfect for a wet and miserable long weekend!! Do you like hooking with neons? Do you stay in your colour comfort zones, or do you like to experiment? 


I share Book Depository affiliate links for my favourite crochet books. I only recommend books that I love and have purchased myself. Please visit My Crochet Library for further info πŸ™‚

Twisted Granny

I started out making a giant granny blanket for my six year old daughter at the start of the school holidays. I wasn’t hooking intentionally in the beginning, just busting some stash and enjoying the colour changes very much. Experimenting with white was fun too, as it’s not a colour I often work with. I only began thinking in terms of a blanket as it grew, and although I was a little daunted by the time and money involved, I started to aim for a double bed throw. 

Unfortunately, it started to twist really badly, because I hadn’t known to flip it. Flipping is working RS/WS alternately to avoid the twist – thank you Google and Fluffy Pink Unicorn!

I attempted to knock the twist out of it by blocking it on my yoga mat  with quilting pins and water spray. After some time I managed to work it square.

I left it for 24 hours and with high hopes, started flipping. Two rows in the twist was back. Gutted! You really need to flip from the start, not least because it creates a slight ridge, which is not at all unattractive but was not then consistent with previous rows. What to do?! 

Fortunately I remembered seeing a picture of a wrap-around granny square cushion cover on Instagram, and managed to track it down. I was directed to a brief tutorial by The Patchwork Heart, and my blanket changed direction πŸ™‚

It’s so colourful, it just makes me smile – and my daughter is delighted with it 😊 I think I even prefer the back to the front.

A happy solution to a project gone wrong!