Make way for Christmas!

img_20171208_125815_254-577249510.jpgCrochet projects have been put to one side these past couple of weeks as I have been getting the Christmas decorations out, writing a lot of letters to go in overseas cards (one of my fave Christmas traditions – I love tech but I really do miss snail mail, don’t you?), and getting my Santa on! This is the first year since becoming a mum that I’ve had all my gift shopping done and cards mailed by the first week of December. Possibly something to do with there being no babies or toddlers around here any more! 🙂

So today I made a start on the pieces required to give our mailbox a festive makeover – a bit of Christmas yarnbombing in our street! Hope to be able to share the end result over the weekend or early next week.

Regarding the rarely mentioned ‘hills’ after which this blog is part-named, I have a running update too! After a few months off due to severe iron deficiency, I am now rested, blood-tested and good to go again and have started back into the C25k program to gently regain my fitness. And to celebrate wellness, and also because it’s good to have a goal , I have signed up for the ASICS Half Marathon on the Gold Coast on July 1st. It is one week after my 44th birthday, about which I am feeling a bit wobbly, what with edging ever further into my mid-40s a few months after my youngest starts school – a time of great reflection  and questioning! So, I figure a half marathon is as good a way as any to stave off a mid-life crisis. Either that or it’s an indication of one! 😀

How are your preparations going? Are you doing lots of lovely Christmas crochet?