Crochet Happy Mail!

It’s taken almost a month but at last my Stylecraft Special DK has arrived from England! I’d never seen or touched this yarn before – just heard such great reports about it, I had to get some and see for myself. First impressions are good! No hooking yet as I still have a head full of Willows, but enjoying just looking very much in the meantime πŸ™‚

I also got an Addi Swing 4mm to try, in the same delivery. It’s so curvy! Same size hook as for my Willow blocks but such a different shape, I’m sticking to my trusty Clover Amour on this project for fear of disturbing my tension. Will report back on the Addi Swing soon though – let me know if you’re a user.

Or maybe you prefer Clover hooks? I’ve collected four Clover Amours over the last two years and they’re by far my favourite hook. Gotta have an ergonomic handle, and the tip, throat and shaft are just so smooth to boot. I sold my overlocker last week and have used some of the money I made to order another three Clover Amours from eBay. My collection is growing!

In other happy mail news, I’m awaiting delivery of my first Little Box of Crochet – should be any day now and I’m checking my mailbox every morning. Simply cannot wait! I’ve noticed a couple of crochet subscription services recently – if you subscribe please do tell, I’d love to compare notes πŸ™‚